Self Help from the Creative, Intuitive, and Visionary Within

Zen-Moments shares self help thoughts and strategies for the creatively conscious, sensitive, idealistic, metaphysically minded, and visionary seeker of happiness and truth.

The name Zen-Moments describes that zone of clarity, discovery, and creativity, that we enter that when we remain present and accountable in each moment, despite the tendency to drift or the desire to escape. The name is also a reminder that we don’t need to fix our whole life all at once. This moment is where the power is.

My name is John Rocheleau. I write Zen-Moments because I want to share some of the depth and beauty that I have been fortunate enough to experience. I have been what you might call, a sensitive person, since I was a small child, and I have spent a lifetime navigating the challenges and rewards of that.

“I’ve also learned how easy it is for the sensitive and the creative to live alienated, lonely lives.”

I am an avid explorer of the human spirit, the emotions, creativity, relationship, career, and consciousness. I’ve learned that life is larger and more mysterious than we commonly imagine. I’ve also learned how easily, sensitive and creative people can slip into alienated, lonely lives. I hope that this site helps to change that, because it is the creative, the sensitive, and the visionary in each of us that holds our promise for a better life.

Some benefits you might derive from Zen-Moments are…

  • Creativity: Engage your natural creative drives
  • Emotional Intelligence: Learn to accept, enjoy, respect, and manage your emotions
  • Intuition: Develop your instinctive “read” of people’s feelings, and deepen your awareness of life by strengthening your subtle senses
  • Empowerment: Tap the incredible power of “NOW” by being present and engaged in each moment
  • Imagination: Your imaginations and dreams are the root of your happiness and success — choose them and use them
  • Meditation: Sharpen, deepen, and calm your mind using the science of meditation
  • Authentic Living: Learn to value and express who you really are in your life and in your career
  • Energy Healing: Learn about energy healing and internal energy cultivation
  • Peace: Contribute to world peace by first finding self-acceptance and understanding
  • Relationship: Build lasting romantic relationships
  • Overcome Depression: Learn practical ways of lifting the darkness without drugs
  • Career: Convert your employment into a source of joy and personal growth
  • Mind-Body: Enjoy the harmony and creative insight gained when your mind and body work as one
  • Happiness: Build toward unconditional happiness and peace of mind

I believe that a powerful simplicity and beauty rests at the core of life, and at the core of each of us. As we expand our awareness and open our hearts, we can see and feel this.

Some snippets from my background include…

  • Esoteric Practices: I have practiced inner alchemy in some form or another for over 25 years. Meditation, Chi Gung, and Tai Chi are my mainstays. If I stop I pay a terrible price: the carriage turns back into a pumpkin–and so I continue :-).
  • Workshop Leader: I love people because I see the beauty in their hearts and the potential power in their spirits, and so I also love to share beautiful and powerful things with people. I have conducted workshops for people interested in exploring internal energy development, mind-body integration, pain management, depression, Meditation, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, and artistic expression (painting).
  • Freelance Writer: I have written freelance articles on merging business and personal growth for brick and mortar business magazines. I believe in the power of business to change the world. I believe it because it is in business and employment that most people spend the greatest amount of their personal energy and spirit. If business evolves for the better, the world will follow.
  • Runner and Cyclist: This is in the past, but I include it because I feel so strongly about the value of fitness and the incredible power of aerobic exercise to transform lives. Physical exercise creates the free and proper ground for advanced energetic and spiritual development. Never underestimate the power of the basics.
  • Professional Visual Artist: Since 2001 I have made part–and sometimes all–of my living as a painter. I continue to evolve my self-conception as an artist in hopes that I can liberate the images that swirl within me–someday soon.
  • Wilderness Canoeist and Alpine Hiker: When our Son was a child we explored the wild, the beautiful, and the powerful mountain wilderness that we live in. We learned as a family to accept and merge with nature, to become aware of and understand her moods and signals, her beauty and strength.

Contact Me if I can be of any help to you or if you have any suggestions to improve this site and how it serves you.

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