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What I Know For Sure About Life

Life is… let me think a minute about my personal meaning of life… alright then, here’s a picture for you: life is a ball of tangled elastic bands with something really special buried deep inside. The lure is to find the hidden treasure.

Life is a mystery, full of enticing next steps to take.

Like those cereal boxes when I was a kid, with the baking soda powered toy SUBMARINE FREE INSIDE (you’d have to be a certain age to remember that one). Well, It was a hook and who could resist? Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Seduce Yourself

Seduction is a big part of life for us mortals.

Seduction is in our genes. We’re programmed to seek satisfaction but when we talk about satisfying our seductive desires, most of us automatically think of sexual seduction.

And sexual seduction is powerful stuff for sure. Is there anyone out there who has not fallen under the intoxicating spell of some god or goddess who has targeted us in their sexual sights?

But sexual gratification is not seduction’s main target. Believe it or not, we mostly seduce ourselves and it has nothing to do with sex.
Continue reading

The Beauty Within You


A misty sunrise drifts into your senses on salt air. You ride on this soft breeze into another, gentler life. The wet firm sand of the ocean’s edge caresses your toes as you walk along the shore. You see a small flower; a wonder of nature; so beautiful. It grows between some rocks and it makes you happy.

You are in awe of everything. Your heart swells and you realize, “this moment is beautiful, life is beautiful… I am beautiful.” Continue reading

Empowerment: The Courage to Be Yourself


Empowerment takes courage. It is difficult to be yourself in a world that shouts the personal power message, but really just wants to sell you something.

What is empowerment anyway? How do you find it? Does paying a thousand dollars for a one day workshop empower you, or does it just demonstrate the depth of your dependence on others?

Building self confidence and personal power is an especially tough task, because you must make empowered decisions on how to be yourself, from a weakened perspective. It’s a classic example of trying to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. That is why you seek guidance to empower yourself. But… Continue reading

How to Stimulate Your Creative Thinking


Are you wondering how to stimulate creativity and empower your creative thought processes?

Begin by answering this one important question: Do you mostly think in words, or in images and feelings? Your answer is important, because your personal thought patterns determine your brand of creative potential, and your ultimate success. Life is a creative project.

If words dominate your thinking, it will be difficult to stimulate your creative spirit. Creativity gestates in your unconscious, and is born in the gap between worlds; that vital crack between the vast unknown and your everyday mind. There are no words in this space; only feelings, knowing, and imagery. When this creative newborn enters your conscious mind, you have to be able to nurture and grow it. A mind filled with nothing but words will only choke it. Continue reading