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A Youthful Advantage


Young entrepreneurs have a huge potential advantage over older more seasoned business people.

“What?” you say? “We all know that experience is the best teacher, and experience comes with time and age.”

But experience can also teach us to fear; to play it safe by tried and proven methods. Experience can condition us to miss the moment. Instead of being consciously aware of our circumstance and its potential, we file our experience in the, “seen this, done that” category.

This lack of awareness can be fatal. If we take the moment for granted, we take ourselves for granted as well. We lose touch with the essence of our creativity and personal genius — our fuel for true success in business and in life. Continue reading

Jobless Reader Fears Losing Home

Advice dealing with a reader’s fear surrounding being jobless

Sunny in Miami Fl writes:

I’m a true believer in the power of intention, work to keep myself centered in these trying times and strive to be a agent for peace and positivity in my little corner of the world.My question – how do I stay sane and centered and positive when I’ve been unemployed for 6 months and seriously risk losing everything that I’ve worked for? I really don’t want to be homeless and it’s a real possibility. I’ve looked everywhere for work and nothing nothing has come yet inside or outside areas that I qualify for.

thank you

Dear Sunny in Miami

Being unemployed triggers survival instincts and primal fears.

By genetic design, your fear sees joblessness and possible homelessness as a threat to survival. The purpose of this fear is to motivate you to take immediate action which creates the solution.

But we are human, and we humans are complex enough to thwart even the most entrenched biological imperative. Continue reading

Customer Relationship Management = Job Satisfaction


If you work in a customer service business, then you’ve heard the familiar negative refrain about how picky, angry, and demanding, customers are. But is that true, or does the problem lie elsewhere?

How you handle your relationship with customers and clients directly impacts your personal happiness and job satisfaction. It is not just about how effective you are; it is more about how satisfied and happy you are doing what you do for a living. If you are happy AND effective in your job, then nothing can stop you from progressing… even problem customers!
Continue reading

Is your Job a Highway to Personal Development or Despair?


Do you get so immersed in your work, that you lose the big picture and miss the obvious?

Well, sometimes the obvious just isn’t that interesting — but how your job influences your personal development is one obvious fact you can’t afford to miss. Rest assured that no one else will. Your career is your quickest and most powerful route to self actualization or self denigration.

Why? Because you spend 55% or more of your mental energy and creative focus on the job.

We mostly think in terms of time when we consider how much of our lives we give up for our career or employment, so it might be tempting to think that you only give 25% of yourself to your work. And that may be true if time were the only factor, but… Continue reading