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Lessons From Nature: A Hike in the Rain

Lessons from nature

The clouds were low; silver-grey with blushes of violet to the west, and an intense blue-grey to the east. It was 1994, and spring was about to bless us with some needed rain.

“The garden will love it,” Rosemarie said. I agreed, though not with the same hard-won conviction, after all, it was she who mostly worked our garden.

It was a large garden filled with plenty of delicious raspberries, gooseberries, currants of all sorts, and most of the vegetables we needed for the year ahead. For Rosemarie, the garden was her labor of love; her way of connecting to life at its purest, and to who she is at heart.
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Nature’s Cure for the Blues


Over the past while I have been feeling a bit down. My life is on a cusp of change, but I am spinning my wheels. Do you know what I mean? Have you felt like that?

Old patterns are relentless, but new vistas are enticing me with beautiful and powerful images. The stress of living in a redundant mental space is wearing on me. I want to move forward, but I am caught by habit.

What to do? Well, whenever I am confronted with stasis — when I feel stuck in a lifeless rut — I return to the basics. And what can be more basic than nature? Nature has balance and it moves gracefully with change. Nature can stimulate us likewise, to regain our balance, and to accept change in stride as we move through life.

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A Simple Secret to the Good Life


Ironically, the simplest route to the good life is through a cliche.

How silly is that? Creating the good life should be a breeze. We are intelligent. We have power. We have resources. For starters, we have money. We can buy the good life.

We all watch television. The formula is simple: work long hard hours, earn plenty of money, then buy the good life at your local big-box store. The timing can be tricky, but you can even out the cash flow with some credit.

Of course, stuff happens: lay-offs, divorces, medical bills. Our loans officer though, is always there to help us out with more credit. Thank goodness for compassion. And when our debt erodes our disposable income, well, we have consolidation loans. Life is good, right? Continue reading