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Lessons From Nature: A Hike in the Rain

Lessons from nature

The clouds were low; silver-grey with blushes of violet to the west, and an intense blue-grey to the east. It was 1994, and spring was about to bless us with some needed rain.

“The garden will love it,” Rosemarie said. I agreed, though not with the same hard-won conviction, after all, it was she who mostly worked our garden.

It was a large garden filled with plenty of delicious raspberries, gooseberries, currants of all sorts, and most of the vegetables we needed for the year ahead. For Rosemarie, the garden was her labor of love; her way of connecting to life at its purest, and to who she is at heart.
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Unconditional Love versus Sexual Desire

Freedom ... painting by John RocheleauAre sex and friendship compatible? Will having sex with a friend destroy your unconditional love?

Relationship issues, sexual desire, and how to love unconditionally, comprise the majority of emails that I receive. Most people, it seems, have difficulty loving unconditionally within a sexual relationship, or coming to terms with their sexual feelings for a friend.

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Is True Love Exclusive?


Jamie from Australia recently wrote, asking:

I have just read your article, I Love You, and I’m curious to know what you think about this: Is it possible for a person to truly and unconditionally love two people at the same time?

I thought only a parent-child love relationship is unconditional. It is very difficult to find a man-woman relationship that is unconditional. Am I right to say that? Does pure love really exist? Have you come across a man or woman who is able to tolerate their loved one loving another person without any feeling of unhappiness, envy, or jealousy?

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I Love You

unconditional love
“I love you,” is a sacred thing to say. We whisper our love to soul mates, and only hint at the deep love we feel for our parents and best friends.

Would it then be strange to hear me say that “I love everyone?”

I do though. I love you all. Each and every one of you have your own personal brand of beauty, and I love you dearly for it.

Strength, beauty, and goodness, is in everyone. I get it. I see it. I feel it. It stretches itself to be seen. No matter how overwhelmed you are with anger, stress, addiction, distraction, and sadness — your beauty, goodness, and light, is undiminished.

It was there before you were born and regardless of how you live your life it will be there after you are gone. It is your essence — your true self — and it is what I love and see in your presence.

So there you have it. I have confessed. I am deeply in love with you.

My wish is that you can see and understand why I feel this way; that you will see yourself for who you really are; that you will sense the magic within, and feel the light and beauty that lives, breathes, and creates, in your soul.

These are the aspects of you that I love, and I want you to love them too.

You are truly beautiful.