Happiness is a Yellow Flower


Happiness is basic. You find it in the simple; in the calm; in all of the small moments that stir your heart. Happiness is like a yellow flower that rises up midst the rock and rubble.

You will never create happiness through your intellect because happiness is a quality, not a product of your mind. It is the realization that beauty and power exist within you. Happiness is being able to feel that beauty and use that power.

Where can happiness be?

They say that happiness is elusive; a slippery thing; not easily held.

And yet the stuff of happiness is everywhere. It is all around you in each moment, in each person in your life, and in every step you take. Happiness is a choice. Stop for a moment. Breathe. Open your eyes to what is around you. Absorb the beauty of nature and allow it to permeate every cell of your being. Look down at your feet. See the small but powerful beauty of wild flowers pushing up between rocks. Why do you think you feel their beauty?

A wild flower is just one example of nature’s gift, and its message to you is: beauty and happiness are at your feet, and it is your choice to either SEE or walk on by.

You will find happiness then in your connection to this natural world — including your own nature. You will find it when you really SEE and appreciate the people in your life. You will find happiness in curiosity and when you indulge your sense of awe and excitement.

Accept the gift of happiness

We live in a universe of unimaginable abundance, power, and mystery. If you accept that premise, then happiness is a given! Take time to look down at your feet to notice where you are. And especially, take a moment to see the small beauty that grows like a flower in the hard places of your life. Feel just how powerful that beauty is, and be happy for it.

Happiness can be a yellow flower – if you choose.

Please share your thoughts on happiness in the comments.

Over to you now…

16 thoughts on “Happiness is a Yellow Flower

  1. Ron@TheWisdomJournal

    This is so true! Children are almost always happy and laughing, but we as adults ask them, “WHY are YOU so happy?” as if something is wrong with them.

    Why not allow your natural happiness to flower and show?

  2. Avani-Mehta

    “You will never create happiness through your intellect because happiness is a quality of your mind; it is not a product of your mind.” – Loved this line.

    I believe happiness is our natural state. We might have come far off from it but still, there is no need to search for it. If only we could remove layers of thoughts and negative emotions; if we simplify our lives – we would automatically reach our natural state – happiness.

  3. Monica

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article John, it was such a refreshing break during this hot day.

    Mostly, I appreciated the simplicity of the article, that happiness is uncomplicated and readily available, no need to reinvent the wheel!
    Your writing evoked a Zen like calm in me, to which I owe you a big Thank You!

  4. Bamboo Forest

    “Happiness is a golden river that silently flows through every cell of your body.”

    That’s a pretty amazing line, John.

    This is first class material. I loved it.

    Though, I would say that happiness can be found in the intellect just as it can be found in the spirit.

    We can choose thoughts which are conducive to happiness, or thoughts which literally drive us mad.

    Happiness is on many levels. Can be found in many places…

    But, if we are unable to focus our mind and channel our thoughts properly, our thoughts will have a mind of their own.

  5. John R. Post author

    Thanks guys,

    I appreciate that you took time out to share your own thoughts on happiness, and how you felt about mine.

    I enjoyed writing this from that place of simplicity within. I hope it is a path for others to be there as well.

  6. banji - Lesson In Life

    Nicely done.

    I remember a quote in the movie “The Pursuit Of Happiness”. That maybe the words pursuit means that happiness is never a thing we can totally grasped. It will always be a thing we pursue.

    Of course I don’t agree. Life can be so complex if we want it to be, it can just easily can be simple if we want it. Why then should we choose the more difficult route.

    And as you cleverly described in the article, the best way to find happiness is to be appreciative of what we have now. 🙂

  7. Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk

    Ron’s comment reminds me of the first time I used the phrase “Happiness as a spiritual practice” (what Cheerful Monk is all about). It was in a pen pal magazine and one fellow wrote, “Are you sniffing glue or something? That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.” I still laugh when I think of it. In fact, people do tend to think we’re stupid if we’re too visibly happy.

    On the other hand, the Dalai Lama believes that happiness is the purpose of life, and the only way to be happy is to be compassionate towards yourself and others. For me it takes a bit more than that. I agree with Joseph Campbell:

    “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality….”

    That’s what brings me happiness, that resonance. I call it “slipping into sacred space”, and for me it happens when I immersed doing something for its own sake, in the present moment, with no thought of future reward.

    Another great post. Thanks, John.

  8. Lance

    I think we really, at our core, do find happiness in the simple things. Friends. Family. Doing something we enjoy. Money doesn’t buy happiness. As much as some people try to disprove that. I sometimes get caught up in that as well – I need to make more money so I can have X or Y. In reality, X and Y don’t bring me true happiness.

    We just returned from a vacation that took us well into nature, and completely away from normal civilization. And this was true happiness for me. The stars at night. The sunrise. The river flowing. And it was happiness because I was not distracted by the normalities of life.

  9. Jarrod - Warrior Development

    Just today I had my first ride on a rickshaw in India through the crazy streets of Bangalore. Chugging around, weaving through traffic one can’t help but smile at the chaos.

    Also I recently wrote about cold showers, that it is not actually a problem and you should still be happy to have one when there is no hot water.

  10. John R. Post author

    “I’ve always tried to keep my life simple so I can live deeply.”

    Well put Jean. So true.

  11. Carina

    This is true… the whole time I was reading this, I felt like I was trying to force my thoughts through the text to share my feelings about it…

    I want to add one thing. I can’t quite remember exactly where I learned this, but I heard a man once say “everything you need is inside.” Happiness is something that is already inside you (and potentially everything). Don’t look for things like happiness outside of yourself, or ‘through your intellect’ as John said. Those are actually the very words he wrote that made me want to share this so badly, so I say it again: ‘everything you need is inside.’

  12. John Rocheleau Post author


    ‘Everything you need is inside.’

    That deserves another repetition. Thank you for speaking your truth. It is all there, waiting for us to unearth it.


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