I Love You

unconditional love
“I love you,” is a sacred thing to say. We whisper our love to soul mates, and only hint at the deep love we feel for our parents and best friends.

Would it then be strange to hear me say that “I love everyone?”

I do though. I love you all. Each and every one of you have your own personal brand of beauty, and I love you dearly for it.

Strength, beauty, and goodness, is in everyone. I get it. I see it. I feel it. It stretches itself to be seen. No matter how overwhelmed you are with anger, stress, addiction, distraction, and sadness — your beauty, goodness, and light, is undiminished.

It was there before you were born and regardless of how you live your life it will be there after you are gone. It is your essence — your true self — and it is what I love and see in your presence.

So there you have it. I have confessed. I am deeply in love with you.

My wish is that you can see and understand why I feel this way; that you will see yourself for who you really are; that you will sense the magic within, and feel the light and beauty that lives, breathes, and creates, in your soul.

These are the aspects of you that I love, and I want you to love them too.

You are truly beautiful.

23 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Monica

    Thank you John and a beautiful reminder at Christmas!

    I think as I grow a little older this love you refer to grows more into a feeling and understanding than a concept or idea that was there in my “youth.”
    Little did I know that the accumulation of love would only come after accepting various aspects of my personality that I now see are in all of us, but not really the true nature of our Self- the fountain of love.

    Best wishes to you and your Family. Thanks for your thoughtfulness & support – I look forward to hearing more from you in 2009!

  2. Robin Easton

    I am sitting here so deeply moved by this that I have tears in my eyes. I felt like you were ME or I was YOU. This is something I experience/feel soooooooo intensely EVERYDAY that I move through the world hugging and touching and loving all those souls who pass through mine. I cannot help myself from doing so. You have expressed this with such COMPLETE heart and soul that it makes my own heart just soar. It is TRUE. It is RIGHT. It makes me weep and breathe all the way to my bones, a great sigh of peace. You have held up a mirror and shown me myself, and in that mirror I see you and all of humanity and I fall in love with humanity, Life and all of existence….over and over again. A thousand blessings to you, John, for closing my day with such sweet truth. Love, Robin

  3. Lexi of Creative Energies

    Your words are so timely and appropriate. I have been meditating of late on the difference between our real essence and all the trappings of physical experience that confuse us. That core vitality and beauty you have touched in your writing is indeed in all of us, and we all are part of it, all the rest is dross.

    May the stars sing to you of your own real essence.

  4. Carina

    I used to do a few meditations based on filling my world with light, and expanding it to fill the universe – I haven’t had the correct opportunity (living in a madhouse!) to truly have an authentic euphoric, epiphanific-ish, enlightening experience as you surely have several times, but I have had a few strong, intense experiences that drew tears from my eyes and interrupted my meditation because of the increadible love and forgiveness I felt for everyone. I found myself forgiving rapists, murderers and anyone completely off their path of light, and wishing personal spiritual evolution and good will to them, hoping that they can see the light so that they can ‘heal’ and see the beauty and wonder in every single breath that we humans breathe, in the least! I used to meditate before school, and whenever I did one of the ‘love’ ones, I always had a healthy respect for everyone.

    Also, as an afterthought to the meditation process which allowed me to feel this incredible, unbiased love for everyone reminded me of how God/etc must feel for us and the Universe. But I imagine that I’ve only experienced a fraction of how the universe/God/etc must feel for us humans, and every particle in this plane.

    I may take the time to experience this again after crazy boxing day shopping tonight!

    endless love,

  5. Ruth

    It’s strange. I ride a subway to work and there are many days where I don’t love anyone on it. But then once and a while, I’ll see an act of kindness, or I’ll just experience a sudden love and appreciation for everyone on the train. It’s like I can see how our lives really are held together by more than just sharing a metro ride. We’re the breath of this city (of this country, even) and without us all together there wouldn’t be us separately.

    Days like that make me so happy, because I feel like I’m getting glimpses of the true nature of things. Thank you for loving me, us.

  6. Nazia

    ‘Loving all’ with so much passion and truth!!

    You truly are a Great Lover!!

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring piece.


  7. Erinita

    JOHN, My beloved friend, you know how love is infinite. I am so happy to share that each time we love and respect ourselves, we love and respect another, whether we feel it instantly …it does not matter, the ripple of that love…goes out into infinity…forever….I am blessed because I know you…
    Lovingly, Erinita

  8. John Rocheleau Post author

    There is nothing more I could possibly add to this, except to say thank you all, for sharing your loving thoughts. It is a joy to know that there are so many others out there who know the truth and can feel it. Maybe we don’t feel it all the time, but it is there, it has immense strength, and we can access it in a heartbeat.

    And Marc, I wish I could say I’ve been in some beautiful and sunny place, like where Erinita hangs her star maybe :), But no, I have been busy doing some other things. Hopefully I will be able to get back to writing very soon. Thanks for asking Marc.


  9. Mckay

    Hi John;

    What a wonderful way to waked up and read; “I love you.” Thanks for brightening my spirit today. I Love You too!

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  10. John Rocheleau Post author

    Thanks Jonathan, Mary, and McKay for sharing how you feel.

    I am always impressed and gratified by the quality of web sites that commenters have created around living better. I visit them all. I bookmark many of them and subscribe to some. I’ve just subscribed to yours McKay.

  11. bikehikebabe

    The head of Psychiatry dept. at Princeton, (just so you’ll wake up & take notice) came down to my father’s funeral. I asked him to give me some advice. (Psychiatrists don’t do that!)

    But he said that children (I had those) survive war, famine, etc. but they don’t survive without love. (Simplistic but makes a point.)

  12. saumya

    So truly said. Its generally the anger what we speak in public and out loud. And that is acceptable. Why not the other way round. With that I must say, “I love you”.
    Thanks for bringing myself out.

  13. John Rocheleau Post author


    I completely agree with you. We are often more comfortable hearing–or saying–something neutral or in anger than something positive and meaningful. Decades ago I met this guy who was setting up a restaurant. It was clear he was different; he was so open. After I had known him professionally for about 2 weeks he turned to me one day, looked me straight in the eyes and said,”You’re a nice guy John. I like you.” I was completely thrown off. Off of what you might ask? My guard of course. He had the strength to be open while I was guarding myself for no reason. I’ve learned to be more open since then 🙂

  14. Liara Covert

    John, appreciate what you express ‘here and now.’ To love unconditionally is to see everything as a reflection. To feel love, be lovable. Everything is reflected back. Grateful to Robin Easton for guiding me to visit this blog. Love the uplifting vibrations.

  15. John Rocheleau Post author

    Hi Liara,

    I’m glad you found me here, especially because I have now found your Dream Builders Australia Blog. Lots to explore there 🙂


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