Life Purpose: A Small Reminder


A higher sense of life purpose is unique to higher intelligence.

Other species indigenous to our planet have no need, or ability perhaps, to consider their individual role in the big picture. Their life purpose is determined by their specializations.

It is odd that we humans do not envy other animals for their clarity of life direction, more than we do. Instead, we think of their specialized abilities as an expression of intellectual limitation.

Our attitude is especially odd because we humans are inept at identifying our own life purpose, let alone living it.

We are the most intelligent indigenous species on Earth, but we are the least effective at living to our potential, living in cooperation with the nature that supports us, and thereby ensuring our survival.

Let’s not even go into our unfulfilled potential to create a compassionate and wise society — an accomplishment that is well within our reach.

By comparison, we fall miserably short of our human potential.

Expanding consciousness and communication

On the positive side, we are beginning to deepen our consciousness. The wisdom of the ancient mystery schools and esoteric disciplines are now entering the mainstream of society. Yoga studios are everywhere. Most people know someone who is studying Tai Chi, Chi Gung, or Meditation. Forty years ago, these practices were largely unknown in the west.

The new age movement expresses its own version of once guarded knowledge, in palatable and useful ways for the western mind and society. The interest behind this movement is vast. It demonstrates our exploding curiosity as a species, and our individual courage to be unique, in the pursuit of knowledge.

At the same time, technology is offering humanity the greatest means of all to further the cause — a dramatically enhanced ability to communicate.

Just a few decades ago, most people communicated only with those in their immediate geographic and social circle. We didn’t have the technology to do otherwise.

By contrast, we now have almost complete choice over to whom, and to how many people we communicate with. Our technology has broken down the barriers, and we are beginning to take advantage of our new freedom to relate with whom we wish, as we wish.

It seems we are moving in the right direction on many levels.

We have good reason then to be optimistic, but we should never take our future for granted. Its proper creation demands purposeful action. Action based not on just any purpose, but on a higher sense of life purpose that uplifts and unites us.

Can you imagine what this world could be like if every person alive today knew his or her unique higher mission in life and acted upon it? What a powerfully wise and positively creative species we would be.

We have the potential to work wonders in our world and beyond it. We are truly gifted, but we lack a clear and common sense of higher life purpose to which we can apply our considerable intelligence.

We distract ourselves by making small mindless choices, repeatedly, that in the end weigh heavily on our spirits.

Our brains lead us in two directions at once: using our intelligence to advance in a positive manner, and being used by it to explore selfish, shortsighted tangents. Sadly, the latter direction is more common.

Perhaps then, our most pressing mission in life is to try to understand ourselves more, and to practice choosing more wisely, how we use our intelligence in our personal actions and communications with one another.

There are many ways to advance your consciousness. In this short article, we don’t need to get into the details of those. Sometimes we simply need to remind ourselves that it all begins with the desire to do so.

The best gift you can give to yourself today is to remind yourself of your uniquely human potential, and to take actions to develop a greater sense of purpose in your daily life.

And is there any higher life purpose than to move consistently toward your higher potential?

Over to you now…

5 thoughts on “Life Purpose: A Small Reminder

  1. Vered

    I have a highly cynical friend who likes to say that we are actually just like animals. That for us too, it’s all about basic survival, and all the rest is just to amuse ourselves until it’s time to die.

    Me? I haven’t decided yet.

    Thank you for the stumble – highly appreciated, and nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. John R. Post author


    Well I would say that we are animals first, which is why we need to be good animals. It is the foundation that we build our humanity on. But I disagree with your friend. We are capable of wondrous things — far beyond amusing ourselves. I think we all know this; we just don’t want to own it. Owning it means we have to do something about it 🙂

    You’re welcome for the stumble, and it’s nice to meet you also.

  3. Chris

    “The wisdom of the ancient mystery schools and esoteric disciplines are now entering the mainstream of society. ”

    Is the wisdom, really? Or only the commercially viable symbolism?

  4. John R. Post author

    Hi Chris,

    Of course you are correct that the wisdom is not mainstream, but it has to begin somewhere. Only a small percentage of mainstream practitioners of these disciplines will tap into the wisdom and power of the practices. The practices are also being watered down as a result.

    But it intrigues me that the basic concepts of these practices have made it into the mainstream. I think that is cause for some optimism, and that is what I was getting at.

    The number of true students of the esoteric arts are increasing from the exposure, and society in general is more receptive. I believe that the true power and wisdom will always (in our lifetime) be realized by the few. They don’t call it esoteric for nothing 🙂

    I also believe strongly in the potential for society to slowly gain understanding and acceptance of these things.

    Thanks for the good question.

  5. Carina

    I agree with John. I’ve traveled in and out of some circles during the course of my life so far, and I have to say that even the people you least expect to say something deep and profound, say it. People can surprise you, and this sort of awareness and curiosity is spreading in various social groups and personality types.

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