Sunshine Comes Softly

Today is a soft and sunshiny day and I want to share it with you. It isn’t officially spring yet where I live, but through the window today, the sky is blue and winter’s colors are gradually moving out of phase.

Green shoots and flowers-to-be are pushing through the brown of winter, the birds are creating homes, and the sun is caressing my heart–reminding me of all things possible, bright, and beautiful.

Winter is gray where I live. And I feel winter’s grayness because it reflects the low clouds that swirl within me; the socked-in system of unreconciled emotion.

But the sun is shining now. I feel its warmth. I see its clear light. There is nothing more beautiful than the warm rays of sunshine in the winter of your heart.

Do you feel it also?

13 thoughts on “Sunshine Comes Softly

  1. Robin Easton

    Dear John, Oh! This is soooo beautiful. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen someone write just about the sun and it’s warm healing beauty. This is like a poem; it’s so lovely. Do you know, I can honestly say that I FELT the warmth of the sun reading this.

    I loved this part: “…the sun is caressing my heart–reminding me of all things possible, bright, and beautiful.”

    What is so amazing is that we had this kind of day here today. I went out on the high desert for my morning walk and suddenly I just felt too tired to walk. So I laid under a juniper tree in the morning sun and did nothing for half an hour. I just lay there soaking up this feeling of peace, well being and hope. I just felt good for no reason, just simply to be alive and sitting in the sun was enough. It made me realize how long it’s been since I didn’t walk, didn’t photograph, didn’t jog, didn’t collect unusual wood for art projects….but JUST sat in the warm sun.

    How amazing that I then come here tonight and find a reflection of my day. I also had the thought that this little post conveys much of your own warm inner being.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this beauty,

  2. John Rocheleau Post author

    Hi there Robin,

    Thank you for your always loving expression, and I am glad that my small and simple post resonated with your day. I can imagine the feeling you had laying in the sun in the high desert–and under a Juniper tree no less. Junipers have such a wonderful energy to them.

    I wonder if you picked the Juniper to lay under or if the Juniper picked you to be near. I swear that trees have the power to communicate. Well, everything in the natural world does if we are listening. Oh, now I’m smelling Junipers and sage and seeing ochres and reds–and blue sky with a touch of haze. Maybe I should do a painting of that 🙂

    Sometimes we just have to be still, and when we are–the world comes to us. Isn’t it amazing?

    Hugs back to you’

  3. Catrien Ross

    John, thank you for your gentle words. I feel that I sense exactly what you are feeling – and I expressed very similar sentiments on the Japanese blog in my bilingual website. If you read Japanese, you might enjoy our resonance. If you don’t, please linger a moment with the photos of flowers springing now in my mountain garden in Japan. To enter the Japanese site just click the Chinese characters in the far upper right of the main homepage of – I would love to share the images with you as I sense you would very much appreciate them. Warm wishes from the mountains on the other side of the Pacific- Catrien Ross.

  4. Stephane


    Thank you for sharing a beautiful moment. As each moment, when living in the now is a gift; and the more we cherish the present moment, the more we can grasp the magnificence of our existence.


  5. John Rocheleau Post author

    Hi Catrien,

    Catrien; what a beautiful name that is. Thanks for getting in touch, for your thoughts, and for sharing your blog and the lovely pictures illustrating it. Such vibrancy and life in such small living things. I am always amazed and uplifted by the small beauty that is everywhere if we are willing to see it. I’ve bookmarked your site.

    I was saddened to hear of what they are doing to Mount Fuji. In the end, it is what it is. Human nature will have its way, in its day–and so will nature 🙂 Nothing essential changes–just the expressions.


  6. John Rocheleau Post author

    Hello Stephane,

    Thank you for dropping in today. You are right about living in the now. Each moment we experience is sacred. The ground we walk upon, the people and other living things we encounter (except mosquitoes of course :-)): it is all a gift if we see it that way. And if we don’t then it is a challenge and a hardship. You have clearly made the choice to see the magic, and as you put it, “the magnificence of our existence.”

    Good on ya


  7. John Rocheleau Post author

    Hey Bamboo,

    Nice to hear from you. I’ve been very quiet for quite a long while. Hopefully I can emerge from this with something to say for it 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by,

  8. Phil Bolton

    John –

    Thanks for a soulful post. We have snowdrops, crocuses and a few brave daffodils in London. The sun is starting to come out of hibernation and warm the heart of nature. I’m excited for the cherry blossom that can’t be far away.


  9. John Rocheleau Post author

    Hi Phil,

    We have several fruit trees; three plum varieties and one peach, along with several bush fruits. And like the blossoms on those trees and bushes, I am waiting for the sunshine and warmth to stimulate new growth and beauty. As much as we’d like to be constantly productive we are a part of nature, and nature has its seasons of productivity and dormancy. Sometimes we need to accept the wisdom of stillness and holding back.

    So be patient and wait for that cherry blossom Phil. You can’t push it, and if you try, the fruit will show it.


  10. Kaushik

    Nice post. It’s reminiscent of Rumi’s poem, in which he talks about true compassion as “the sun loves the earth.” Sunshine is wonderful!

  11. John Rocheleau Post author

    Hi Kaushik,

    I find power and beauty in simplicity, and I know that you do also. The article your comment links to is such a simple and clean expression of the feel of, and the path to, unfiltered and unconditional awareness. Very beautiful.


  12. Sal

    Yes, I most definitely do! I couldn’t be happier! This weather is definitely warming more than just my body, but my heart too! The weather brings up a lot of bad feelings for me, I find, and that sunshine is totally therapy within itself, for sure. 🙂

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